How to brew kombucha

1. Boil lots of water, in batches, or all at once. Pour into gallon size jar.20130529-223205.jpg
2. Steep tea bags as directed. I usually use about 6. This batch was half green tea and half orange zinger. I think you should use at least half green or black tea, because some of the herbal teas supposedly allow mold to grow more easily. Not sure why.
3.  Remove tea bags and add 1 cup of plain white sugar. Don’t get all fancy with maple syrup or honey here. Those bacteria and yeast was easy access to that sweet stuff. Allow the tea to cool to almost room temperature.
4. Get out your scoby and kombucha liquid. In this case, I made a “scoby hotel” to store my scoby in the fridge. This is just a container with some of the liquid from the last batch.
5. Put the scoby and at least a 1/2 cup of kombucha (or vinegar) into the jar. The acidity from the liquid helps keep bad stuff from growing.
6. Place the jar in a nice darkish spot on your home and leave it there for 1 week- 1 month. The longer it sits, the stronger and more sour it becomes. You can taste it throughout the process to see when you like it best.
7. The scoby “mother” will create a child under it and usually floats to the top, but not always. Save them in a container in the fridge submerged in liquid, and give the children to all of your friends!


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