Fourth of July Fermenting

This long 4th of July weekend the brewer and I bottled some deliciously (note: not badly) smelling and tasting goza! While I was distracted in a paper flower brainstorming session, the brewer decided to put a mass amount of older honey to good use, and the leftover yeast from siphoning the beer into the bottles…20130709-174843.jpg
MEAD!!! Very simple process: We used ~3 pounds of honey and a gallon of water and some dried hops left over. Boiled it all together for about 30 minutes, let it cool, then added it to the yeasty mini-carboy. 20130709-174857.jpg
The leftover hoppy honey syrup was surprisingly delicious! or at least I thought so.20130709-174904.jpg
Later that day, we sampled other fine brews at Two Roads Brewery in Stratford, CT before eating dinner at Bloodroot, a feminist restaurant that serves fantastic food…like a variety of fermented nut cheeses, delicious breads, and yuzu aperitif! I was most happily surprised by the nut cheese and the different flavors they had (we tried miso) have me eager to experiment some more!20130709-174916.jpg


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