Tonight, I discovered that making lacto-fermented lemons is a breeze. They’re traditionally used as a north African condiment, similar to olives, and they have a salty sourness that I can’t wait to try! Once they’re fermented they can last at room temperature or in the fridge for years (!?!)



1. Wash and scrub the lemons and cut off the tip with the stem. Cut the lemon almost into quarters, leaving a bit connected at the end.

2. Sprinkle the insides with coarse salt (I used regular sea salt), and then put the lemons into a glass jar.

3. Mush the lemons down in the jar to squeeze out some of the liquid to create a brine. The brine should rise to cover (or almost cover) the lemons.

4. A recipe I found said to sprinkle with more salt in between each layer, but I tasted some of the brine already and (as expected) it tasted like very salty lemon juice. Screw on the top, and let the lemons hang out for a few weeks. Then they’re ready to be used. Just how, I have yet to discover!




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